Our Centre features cutting-edge instruments and equipment with futuristic interiors–

Patient Treatment Dental Chairs We are equipped with sleek, yet supportive comforting dental chairs for patients which ensure comfort even during long procedures along with optimal access to the oral cavity.
Microscopes We have microscopes designed to provide ideal magnification of the area of the mouth being worked on while also allowing the clinician to maintain an ergonomic working position.
Lasers - Biolase and Waterlase Our Waterlase all tissue laserhelps patients with the best possible experience as it offers quick cavity preps, perio, endo, and more, all with faster healing and 98% less aerosols than traditional methods.
Intraoral scanner Intraoral scanners at our centre digitally reproduce the 3-dimensional (3D) geometry of the intraoral soft and hard tissues for imparting ideal patient care.
Digital imaging and diagnostics We have digital oral imaging which has a vital role in the assessment of oral diseases, thereby facilitating treatment planning.
CAD/CAM Lab Our dental lab CAD/CAM guides the technician through designing a 3D digital model of a crown, bridge, denture or other dental restoration.
Simulation center The simulation center is a laboratory which simulates the clinical environment for predoctoral, advanced and graduate education, and continuing dental education activities.
Sterilization Unit We have a sterilization unit for infection control as this ensures the protection of patients, doctors and staff members from various infectious diseases.
Research Centre provides facilities and resources for clinical research relevant to the pathogenesis, diagnosis, early detection, prevention, control, and treatment of oral diseases, disorders, and/or dysfunctions.
General facilities heelchair accessible ramp from parking lot, comfortable patient chairs and sitting areas.
E-Library A complete online library. All enrolled students\faculty\members can access\download online journals and other e-books.
Patient education centre Explore our range of patient education resources, designed to help educate your patients on oral health conditions, dental procedures & oral hygiene techniques.
Media Centre Our Media Centre provides news information about dental treatments, innovations, latest offering. Browse through our media centre section for more details.
Conference rooms and cafeteria The conference room is used to conduct meetings, presentations and seminars and has modern fittings like audiovisual aids, LED TVs, projector and more.
VIP Lounge Curated for special meetings and official greetings with collaborators, industry partners and sponsors.